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Dec. 2, 2022

New Price on Beautiful Home in Yelm!

17725 Clear Lake Blvd SE by Cate Ellis

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Nov. 22, 2022

Advantages of Owning Property in Seattle


Whether you’re looking for a new home or just for an investment opportunity, Seattle should be on your radar. The real estate market in this fantastic city has been pretty hot recently, which is why you should consider investing as soon as possible. This guide is for those still doubting if owning property in Seattle is a good idea – here are all the advantages of such an investment.

It’s easy to rent out a home

Seattle is a very popular city and welcomes many new residents each year. This means that the demand for rentals is constantly high, making it easy to find great tenants whenever you decide to rent. Demand for housing in Seattle is undoubtedly an advantage of owning a property, as it lets you be more flexible with it and even be picky when it comes to tenants. You can choose great tenants for your Seattle property if you:

·         Have a clear idea of what kind of tenant you want

·         Be precise about your expectations and rules regarding renting payment, property maintenance, pet policy, etc.

·         Advertise in the right places to be sure your ad will reach your target tenant

·         Check your tenant's credit score, income, and rental history

A good tenant will require a good landlord, so make sure you have that covered for the best long-term results. Fortunately, Seattle is home to many good prospective tenants, so it will be easy to find a perfect match.



Seattle has a stable economy and a strong real estate market

If you could pick any city to invest in a property, that should be Seattle. It’s a rather important economic and industrial center that attracts people from all over the world. Educated and qualified workers are looking for a job here, meaning you will have more serious tenants to choose from. Owning property in Seattle is a safe choice, as you’ll invest in one of the largest regional economies in the country.

Remember: a hot real estate market means homes are selling rather fast, which is why you need to be ready for the whole process. Make sure you research the market well, especially if you need some time to save for a down payment. Also, be ready for a fast move, as you never know how quickly a great property can come up. Best Long Distance Movers advise you to dedicate some time to researching and comparing moving teams that have an excellent local reputation. Have your eye on a trusted company so you can schedule a secure relocation when the time comes to move to Seattle. On-time preparation is the key to success!

The appreciation rates steadily increasing

Seattle’s homes have had a continuously growing appreciation rate over the last decade. One of the advantages of owning property in Seattle is surely its growing value. In case you decide to sell, you expect a great ROI and be sure you own a valuable asset. During the last year, the appreciation rate in Seattle has been about 12%, whereas the rates have been about 8% over the last decade. Real estate forecasts predict a steady growth of prices of homes in Emerald City, which is another reason you should start looking for a perfect property to invest in.

There are plenty of great locations to choose from

Downtown is great, yet this city has so much more to explore. Seattle is a place where you can choose from a variety of neighborhoods to look for a property investment or a new home for your family. You can choose a location according to your lifestyle, but also prices and housing demand. Some of the neighborhoods that have been popular recently include Southlake Union, Leschi, Ballard, Greenwood, and Montlake. However, the city center is not the only place to look for a property – Seattle suburbs also make a great choice. Consider areas such as Sammamish, Redmond, Duvall, Bellevue, and Snoqualmie. These are very popular among young professionals who want to start a family in a peaceful place with high-quality schools but still be close to Seattle job opportunities in the center. Homes in suburbs can also be more affordable, so stay open-minded with choosing the right location for your new property. There are many things to know before moving to Seattle, so make sure you get some info first on the city, prospective locations, and overall living conditions this city offers before you make the final decision and make it your new home.



Seattle has a great climate

The climate in Seattle is quite enjoyable – summers are dry, and winters are relatively mild, with snow lower than the national average. This affects buyers and sellers, too. A temperate climate doesn’t create distinct hot and slow seasons in real estate, making it easier to buy or sell a property and move any time of the year. However, summer is indeed the most popular moving season, which means people start looking for a new home in spring. Winter, on the other hand, is a great time to look for a property at a discounted price, but this is not a strict rule, as many great properties don’t drop in price that easily.

Owning a property in Seattle – where to start?

The process of finding and buying a property in this amazing city can look overwhelming. That’s why you need to evaluate your expectations as well as your financial possibilities to be able to find the best property for you. The key is to find an agent that has a lot of local experience and that suits your needs as a buyer. It needs to be a person with extensive knowledge of the Seattle real estate market and several positive reviews from previous clients. When you’re in good hands, you can expect this purchase to be a success.



There are many advantages of owning property in Seattle. However, don’t forget that you need to be financially ready for. This means you should carefully plan your budget, get pre-approved and ensure the property you want to get is something you can financially support in the years to come. A realistic approach is the best way to capitalize and ensure this investment is worth the effort.

Nov. 9, 2022

New Selling Seattle Episode!

Our Newest Selling Seattle Episode has Finally Aired and You Don't Want to Miss This One! We Tour Starbucks Headquarters and Have a Special Throwback Surprise!

Check it out Below! 👇

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Nov. 3, 2022

Tour Starbucks Headquarters!

Here's a Preview to the Upcoming Selling Seattle Episode Featuring Starbucks Headquarters and a Special Throwback Surprise! We Tour the Gallery, Learn About What the Reserve Has to Offer, Get a Glimpse Into the Tryer Center - where all the magic happens, and Then We Head Up the Clocktower to Get a View of the City! Watch the full episode on Sunday, November 6th, at 1pm on KSTW CW (Channel 11 locally) Or, Watch it on the The American Dream Network TV App on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku. #BethGHomes #StarbucksSodo #SeattleWa #StarbucksReserve #SeattleRealEstate #AmericanDreamNetwork #SellingSeattle #Clocktower #Delorean

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Oct. 28, 2022

September's King County Market Statistics

Market Statistics Alert! We love providing you information regarding Real Estate in these changing times. If you'd like to know statistics more specific to your neighborhood please reach out to us! 👇 📞206.462.4444 ✉️ #bethghomes #realestateadvisor #seattlerealestate #seattlerealtor #kingcountyrealestate #realestatemarket

King - Market Stats by Cate Ellis

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Oct. 14, 2022

Expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle


Typical Expenses to Expect When Buying a Home in Seattle

To ensure your home purchase and move to Seattle go smoothly, it is essential to understand the costs involved. If you do, you can properly plan your budget and have enough money left over in your bank account to continue your life normally! Here are the typical expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle.


Hiring a realtor

The first of the expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle is the cost of a real estate agent. Now, it is admittedly true that you don't need the support of one to be successful. However, working on your own makes it much harder to get your hands on a satisfying property. Not to mention figuring out all the legal requirements and properly making an offer. Whether you wish to buy a home to live in or try your hand at house flipping, leaving out a real estate agent as an intermediary would be a mistake. Their experience and connections make them invaluable.



A reasonable down payment

One of your most significant expenses to expect when buying a home, other than its total price, would be the down payment. The 'ideal' down payment percentage in Seattle is not firmly set. It will vary from ten to thirty percent of the house cost. Of course, the more you pay immediately, the more leeway you would have later, and the lower your mortgage would be.


Seattle closing costs

Closing costs tend to be a bit different depending on the state. In the case of Seattle, this list typically consists of:

·         Home appraisal fees

·         Property survey fees

·         Mortgage or loan processing fees

·         Paying for the borrower’s credit report

·         Legal fees

·         The recording fee

·         The underwriting fee

As you can see, the list is quite extensive and can easily catch you off guard if you do not plan your purchase and move properly. In fact, looking up a guide to moving to Seattle from LA is highly recommended in addition to our advice to have all the info you need.




It is typically not a good idea to own a house without a firm insurance policy. You might refuse to accept the possibility, but tragedy can and often does strike randomly. And if the worst happens and you are suddenly left without a home or your belongings, you would likely not be able to get back on your feet quickly without a little extra help. Insurance can provide this peace of mind and even help you cope with home-buying anxiety.


The cost of movers

It would be best if you also considered the cost of moving to your new home. Typically, most people focus on the price quoted by their moving company of choice and disregard everything else. This is a serious mistake since many other minor expenses are tied into a move. The cost of moving supplies, the potential need to hire cleaners, packing services, etc., all add up to much more than what you might have initially accounted for. If you think all the money you'll need to spend is your moving quote, you'll likely run into budgeting problems.


The interim period

Home sales and purchases are rarely ideal, clear-cut deals that are finished within minutes of realizing you like a house. You will much more likely be forced to wait for days or maybe weeks before closing a sale or a purchase. And the chances of the two happening simultaneously? Pitifully low. It means you are almost guaranteed to get stuck in an awkward situation. You've either bought a home too early and had to dip into your emergency funds or sold your former home too early and are now forced to look for temporary residence. The experts from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage also warn that you should not forget to secure storage facilities for your belongings in this scenario. This means even more expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle.


Possible necessary renovations

It is impossible to predict all expenses tied to purchasing a home. And one of the most significant risk factors when trying to do this is renovations. The home you feel keen to buy may require repairs before you can live in it. In this scenario, your search for ideal real estate could cost you far more than you'd initially thought. Most conscientious sellers who don't want to get in trouble would not hide severe problems with a house. Still, if they are unaware of it and the home inspection misses it too, you can land yourself in a mess. So, it is wise to still leave some savings in your bank account in case of emergencies!


Getting your home set up

The final expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle are the costs of getting your home set up. Thankfully, the cost of utilities in the state is one of the lowest in the US. Of course, the price of buying a house is considerably higher than the average. But the reasonable long-term costs make up for that. Of course, account for the initial cost of having your utilities turned on too. And then the cost of filling up your home with the little odds and ends that we tend to overlook. Like scissors, duct tape, and such. Of course, these smallest expenses are hardly noticeable at first. But you can still slip and overspend if you're careful!


Final Comment

Knowing about the typical expenses to expect when buying a home in Seattle, you can make your plans more accurate. As long as you budget carefully, we are confident you will be able to make your move a resounding success!




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Oct. 5, 2022

Just Listed in Yelm!

Just Listed in Yelm! 🏡
Welcome to the Highly Sought-After Clearwood Lakeside Community. Beautiful 3BR/2BA Home with Woodsy Surroundings and Access to 3 Separate Lakes with 14 miles of Walking Trails, Boat Launches, Swimming Pool & Hot Tub, Basketball & Tennis Sport Courts, Horseshoe Areas, BBQs, Restrooms & Playgrounds.
For a Private Showing contact us
📞 206-462-4444 ✉️
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Oct. 4, 2022

Best Corn Mazes Near Seattle

Enjoy the crisp air of Fall by having some fun in a corn maze!🍁🌽 We're lucky enough to live in an area with a few options, check them out below! 

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Sept. 23, 2022

Top Producer August 2022!

We're so thankful to you, our AWESOME clients, for helping us get to the top of the list for production last month!


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Design by Cate Ellis

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Sept. 19, 2022

Tour the Ballard Locks on this Episode of Selling Seattle!

Tour the Hiram M Chittenden-Ballard Locks and Salmon Ladders with us!


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