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At Beth G. Homes, we’re committed to helping you get the highest price for your home. Many sellers worry about the cost of renovating, but the truth is, the right home improvements add to a home’s value without costing a lot. Want to know more? Here are three housing trends driving today’s market and budget-friendly ideas for incorporating them into your home.

Maximalist Design

Maximalism is making a comeback as homeowners grow bored of minimalist design. How can sellers embrace this trend without going overboard?


       Nowhere is the maximalism trend more apparent than in the rising popularity of bold wallpapers. Unlike the wallpapers of yesteryear, today’s wallpapers are easy to install and remove, as well as customizable, so it’s not a hassle to change up your home’s look.

       Maximalism is also showing up in bold interior paint choices like jewel tones, vintage-inspired colors, and rich, earthy hues.

       There’s a thin line between maximalist and messy. Balance interior décor by pairing bold accents with a neutral base and sticking to a cohesive color palette.

Home Offices

Remote work is a major driver of today’s competitive housing market. Buyers who work from home want properties with dedicated offices and plenty of personal space.


       Flexibility is key when it comes to home offices. Buyers want a space that can serve as a home office, guest room, or other multi-purpose space. Clever solutions like built-in shelving and wall beds let flex spaces pull double duty.

       Adjustable lighting lets homeowners take a flex space from work to play and back again while also boosting productivity for remote workers.

       Don’t have a dedicated office space? Stage a spare bedroom, family room, or formal dining room as a home office to showcase your home’s possibilities.

Outdoor Living

As they spend more time at home, buyers are also looking for space to stretch their legs. Luckily, outdoor living spaces don’t have to be high-end to sell a home.


       Lighting, fire pits, and outdoor dining areas top the list of outdoor living renovations to enhance outdoor spaces.

       Installing a new deck or patio can be a costly endeavor. For an affordable alternative, try packed gravel, crushed stone, or concrete forms.

       Shade is a must for any outdoor living space. If a pergola or patio ceiling isn’t in the budget, install a sunshade for a sleek, modern appearance or create a modern farmhouse feel with outdoor curtains.


Today’s buyers want their homes to do more. However, that doesn’t mean sellers need to go all-out preparing a house to sell. With budget-friendly improvements that appeal to buyers’ priorities, you can be certain you’re getting the highest price — and the best value — for your home.