When you have a relocation coming up, you should start preparing for it as soon as possible. Moving your home across the street or town is hard work and, more often than not, requires a helping hand from trained professionals. It is entirely understandable if you feel reluctant when having to choose a moving company to assist you. You want your movers to take the utmost care of your belongings and avoid any chances of getting your property damaged in transit. There are many moving companies in Seattle, and you might feel overwhelmed with all the choices. That is why we will set some ground rules on how to pick the best movers for your Seattle relocation. Be sure to follow these guidelines, and hopefully, you will get the service you deserve.

It is never too early to start looking for the right moving company

One of the first rules of planning a successful relocation is to start doing it as soon as you decide to move. Finding a good moving company takes time, and you should never put yourself in the position to make decisions at the last minute. Giving yourself ample time for searching through so many Seattle-based companies will save you both nerves and money. It is advisable to start even months before your moving day. That way, you can be sure you have the correct support system when the day of your relocating arrives. Whatever the reason for your relocation might be, you should be able to give yourself at least a couple of weeks to prepare for your moving day. The more time you give yourself, the better.

Start your search for the perfect moving company by talking to your friends and colleagues

The best way to ensure yourself a positive moving experience is to talk to someone who has already had a pleasant relocation and is happy to talk about it. If you have friends, co-workers, or family members who have recently moved, speak to them and ask for referrals. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool for any well-equipped and professional mover so if you stumble upon a satisfied client, ask them to give you some details about their experience. 

Even if you don't know anyone, you can always check online reviews. You would use the same approach to find the best real estate agent. You can base your search on finding online referrals, positive feedback from moving company clients, and similar. You can always turn to trusted platforms like the Better Business Bureau and find helpful pieces of information on Yelp and similar sites. Pay attention to negative comments, as well. Sometimes it only takes one negative word to change the whole perspective. 

Keep away from fraudulent movers and avoid getting involved in a moving scam

Like in any industry, there are always those who don't care about playing by the rules. Nowadays, many individuals and companies offering moving services in Seattle can make it challenging to recognize the sketchy ones. However difficult it might seem, there are some ways of determining if a company is legitimate and provides the services it advertises. One of the best ways to spot fraudulent movers is to look at their online presence. Moving companies that don’t give out many details about their address or contact information can potentially be problematic. If you notice that they deliberately avoid giving out any concrete information about their business, consider it a red flag. 

Other than that, look for reviews online, look at their vehicles, talk to their personnel, and ask about payment methods. Paying attention to all those details should give you a clear picture of the type of operation they are running. 

When you select several companies, ask for a moving estimate

In the process of hiring the right mover, you have to be diligent. Always select at least a couple of moving companies that meet your specific moving requirements. Then, ask and request for a moving estimate. The same way you were selling your home and receiving multiple offers, you will be receiving multiple quotes. An excellent way to choose between movers is to compare those quotes. Sometimes companies give out free, non-obligatory quotes, and sometimes you can arrange for an on-site estimate. It doesn’t come as a surprise that an accurate, in-person, on-site estimate is the best way to accurately see how much this relocation is going to cost you. 

When you get your estimates, make sure to get in detail what is included in the price. You don't want any hidden costs or surprising extra charges to get you off guard on your moving day. Ask openly about fuel, moving supplies, mileage, and anything else that comes to mind. Getting a clear picture, in the beginning, will help you choose the option that best suits your needs and your budget. 

Remember that you are the one who knows how to pick the best movers for your Seattle relocation

However complicated it seems, finding the right moving partner is a job you have to do yourself. Of course, your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or friends can help with their advice on how to pick the best movers for your Seattle relocation. However, what you do with their recommendations and referrals is up to you. You can take additional steps and look at online reviews, read comments, and compare moving estimates. As a result, you will undoubtedly have a list of at least a couple of reliable movers to choose from. Hopefully, you will make the right choice and allow yourself to enjoy a seamless and stress-free relocation to Seattle.