The act of moving is a major event. It’s no secret that moving from one home to another involves a lot of work, from packing your supplies to settling into life in another location. All of this action can make it difficult to remember exactly what you need to do to help ensure your move runs smoothly.

Notifying certain entities, such as utility companies or the post office, is one of the essential parts of moving. Completing these notifications before arriving to your new destination can save you from a lot of hassles. It can also keep you safe from fraud due to sensitive pieces of mail falling into the wrong hands.

Here’s who you need to notify before your big move — whether it’s a local move here in Seattle or beyond.

Your Workplace

You’ve probably already told your boss you’ll be moving, especially if you’ve been planning this move for a while. However, you may not have considered where your paychecks, tax forms and other important documents will go long after you’ve completed the move. Contact the human resources department to verify it has your new address in the system.

The Post Office

The post office is probably an organization you’ve already thought of notifying of your move, and now it’s easier than ever. Visit the United States Postal Service website to complete an official address change. The fee to change your address online is $1.


The Internal Revenue Service also makes changing your address easy. The IRS website offers an online form you can complete in seconds. Your state tax agency should also have your new address. Most states offer an online form to complete.

A Long List of Utilities

Calling utility companies is probably a dreaded endeavor, but you’ll be glad you did when entering your new home with Internet and cable running. Call your electric, gas and water service companies first.

Arrange for electricity, gas and water to be turned off at your current home the day you leave. Have it turned on at your new home ahead of arrival to guarantee you don’t go without power, heat or running water.

Call your cable and Internet providers to let them know you’ll be moving. You can have these utilities installed at your new home before arriving. Don’t forget to cancel these utilities for your current residence.

Your cellphone provider may also need to know where to send your bill, unless you’ve enrolled in online billing. Changing your address for your cellphone company can usually be done quickly and easily online.

Your Bank and Other Financial Institutions

Most major banks and credit card companies make changing your address easy. Financial notifications are especially important because mail sent to an old address may include sensitive information. Don’t forget about loan issuers, investment accounts and other financial institutions.

Insurance Companies

Your homeowners insurance company is the provider that should be contacted first. You’ll be able to update your policy to cover your new home and cancel the old one. You’ll also need to update your life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and other insurance policies.

Other Services

Several other service providers — such as doctors, veterinarians, dentists and even vehicle maintenance companies — will need your new address for billing and other mailing purposes.

This way, they can continue to inform you of monthly maintenance, necessary vet checkups and more. These service providers may be able to offer referrals to other reputable companies if you’ll be moving farther away.

Additional people and organizations you’ll want to contact (if applicable) include the following:

  • Clubs, churches or volunteer organizations with which you’re involved
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Phone company (if you plan to have a landline)
  • Online shopping sites (shipping and billing addresses)
  • Trash and recycling companies
  • Magazines, newspapers and other mail subscriptions


The list of individuals and companies to contact about your move can be overwhelming. Moving experts suggest creating a checklist and tackling them one by one. Start contacting them early, and you’ll have everything in place before the move begins.

Author bio: Adam Warner is Content Strategist Manager at Moving of America. Previously, Warner wrote short stories across different magazines.