When it comes to selling a house, speed matters. Research reveals that the longer a house takes to sell, the lower the overall sale price will be. Then there is the financial burden of paying for two properties when you’ve already moved into a new place. An empty home isn’t as attractive to buyers as one that has been appropriately staged, and it may present an opportunity for criminals or vandals.


Part of the struggle with selling an empty home is that empty rooms aren’t very memorable. Nine out of ten homes are first seen online by potential buyers, so that first impression needs to “stick” in a buyer’s mind. Rooms tend to look smaller when they don’t have furniture in them, which reduces the perceived value of your home. Furniture, rugs, window treatments and other accessories can also help hide any minor imperfections that become more obvious if rooms are empty. Another drawback to selling an empty house is that buyers might assume you’re in a rush to sell and could try to low-ball you on price.


Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to help sell an empty home quickly. First, let your neighbors know the home is vacant and ask if they can keep an eye on your house for you. Consider asking your local law enforcement officials to do the same. Ask neighbors to bring in the mail and any packages so that it looks like someone is living in the home. Additionally, maintain your regular outdoor maintenance for good curb appeal.


You want to make sure that all of your exterior doors are locked and secure, and you may want to install a security system to help keep your home safe and protected.


Another aspect to consider is the welcoming atmosphere of your house. Keep the lights on during the day, using timers to help control your energy costs. Make sure that the exterior of your home is well-lit at night. Maintain a reasonable temperature inside your home at all times to welcome potential buyers. No one wants to walk into a stuffy house in mid-summer or an ice box during the winter months while trying to get a feel for whether the house will work.


Consider staging your home with rented furniture and accessories to appeal to potential buyers. An even easier option is to use virtual staging to furnish your home with high-end appliances and furniture to highlight its best features.


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Graphic created by Virtual Staging & Rendering Group.